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“When I found out, in early 2016, that I had Tracheobronchomalacia, it was a blessing to at least finally have an answer but I felt so lost. During my testing at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, one of the nurses mentioned the Cure TBM website and Facebook group.  I finally could get some information and resources, AND get in touch with others that had already gone through what I was going through.  I don't know what I would have done without the love and support of this charity!  Now I pay it forward by trying to help others going through it.”

"When we found this group,  it was like seeing a lighthouse in the middle of a storm."

"Jennifer and Cure TBM have been a constant source of knowledge, help, support, love and caring for my family.""Jennifer & CureTBM helped me in more ways than I can explain. This community is a village, when you need information or reinforcement they are all there to help and you are not alone in dealing with all that goes with your disease, they are there to pick you up. I had never heard of TBM and felt very much alone when first diagnosed.  I went to this site and immediately felt connected. Information from fellow patients seems much more valuable as you know they are going through the same pains as yourself, and Jennifer Champy is the person whom I think deserves most of the credit, she keeps this going and is a wealth of information when looking for doctors for your specific problem.”

"This is not only a foundation, but it is a family."

"This non-profit has supplied our family with unbelievable support- from helping us get connected with the best doctors possible for our child, to parent support when we struggle to get through the day.  Their unwavering support of the Tracheobronchomalacia community is literally saving lives and we are forever grateful to them."

"Without the knowledge and help of this foundation my son would not have got the help he needed."

"Jennifer is a warrior who has created a wonderful charity to help all those people around the globe with TBM, despite failing health and struggling herself she is the most dedicated and kindest woman I have ever had the blessing to come across. A woman like no other woman - go TBM"

"I found this group and found the best answers and support you could imagine." 

"CURE TBM has had such a positive impact on our lives! Prior to connecting with the organization and getting an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan for our 4 year old son who has TBM, we were floundering!  The work that Jennifer does for this community is outstanding.  Her dedication is unmatched.  We are so thankful for this organization!"

"CureTBM has helped give me strength and information to help me fight for my daughter and get her the care she needs."

"Years of struggling feeling like I was the only one, and to finally find this group was a true blessing!  Helping me through the difficult times is just what I needed on my journey.  Just reach out and this group will help."

"Cannot thank this organization enough, it has been such a breakthrough in not only understanding my son's condition, but also learning about new research, interventions and treatment."

"What an excellent informative support network this is.  When I was diagnosed in the UK last year, this seemed to be a poorly understood condition (and still is). However, with help I have found specialists in the UK who are linking into this amazing charity and the research."

"What a wonderful support group.  This group has helped out so many adults and children get the right diagnosis and treatment. I don't know what I would do without the amazing support I have received."

"I've felt so alone in dealing with my son's Bronchomalacia, and this organization has helped so much.  It has built an online community for parents to feel welcome and have support.  Within that community I have been able to find resources and learned which medical professionals to connect with.  They have helped our son, and while our story is still being written the journey has gotten better and we now know we are not alone.  Thank you Cure TBM! :) "

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