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CureTBM is dedicated to educating, coordinating, and providing aid and relief to help those suffering from TBM and eventually, cure TBM.



Our vision is simple:  to cure TBM.


Who We Serve

Children and Adults Suffering from TBM:

We compassionately serve children and adults who have TBM.  We do this through education, connecting individuals to leading hospitals centers, and providing emotional and financial support, as funding permits. 

Friends and Families of children and adults who have TBM:

  Often, CureTBM works with spouses, parents, siblings, or friends to help coordinate an individual's care.  We help friends and families navigate the complex medical system by providing recommendations regarding hospitals, providers, and even hotels, air fare, and medical supplies. 


CureTBM supports targeted research efforts by helping to fund research to find a cure for TBM.  Research may also explore diagnosis and/or treatment options for TBM. All research proposals are approved by the Board of Directors. CureTBM is the ONLY non-profit to support research funding for TBM. 


Because TBM is such an under-diagnosed disease, CureTBM educates providers to help spread awareness about TBM symptoms, diagnosis methods, and treatment options. 

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