Dr. James Hull of Royal Brompton Hospital in the UK discusses treatment and diagnosis. 

United Kingdom Doctors and Hospitals that treat TBM - For Adults

Royal Brompton Hospital

Chelsea, London, UK 

  • Dr. James Hull, Consultant respiratory physician 

  • Phone: 44(0)207 352 8121

  • Website: click here

  • Referrals: click here

  • Dr. Hull is on the expert group for RELACS- click here for more information

University College London Hospital

London, UK

  • Martin Birchall, Professor of Laryngology and Consultant in ENT Surgery

  • Phone: 0203 456 5197

  • Website: click here

  • Email: m.birchall@ucl.ac.uk

  • Professorial Unit
    330 Gray's Inn Road
    WC1X 8DA

Birmingham and Heartlands Hospital

  • Dr. Mansur Birmingham, Consultant Physician

  • Leads the severe and brittle asthma unit

  • Phone: 0121 424 2000

  • Website: click here

Glan Clwyd Hospital

  • Dan Menzies, MD

  • 01745 583910

Wythenshawe Hosptial

United Kingdom Doctors and Hospitals that treat TBM - For Children

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children

  • Richard Hewitt, MD - Director of Trachael and Aerodigestive Team

  • Nagarajan Muthialu, MD - Cardiothoracic Surgeon

  • Martin Elliott, MD - Chairman, Cardiothoracic Surgery

Great North Children's Hospital

Newcastle upon Tyne, England 

  • C O'Brien, MD - Consultant/Respiratory Pediatrician

  • Phone: 0191 282 5089

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