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Below are some hospital packing recommendations from our friends and families at CureTBM for those  who are preparing for a tracheobronchomalacia consultation, treatment or surgery. 

Note: a medical bag is free as a carry on for flights! 


  1. Laundry bag/basket or pop-up hamper

  2. Trash bags for hotel

  3. Collapsable wagon to carry everything from check in to gate at airport- another option here

  4. Backpack for transferring things from the hospital to hotel

  5. Large water cup or coffee cup

  6. Poncho or small umbrella 

  7. Duct tape

  8. Snacks 

  9. Notebook and pen for writing notes 

  10. Books 

  11. Laminated tags "Medical Bag" for the carry on


  1. Long charging cable (or extension cord)

  2. Charing strip 

  3. Firestick or Chromecast stick for the TV

  4. A bottle brush to clean water bottles, sippy cups, or G tube syringes

  5. Portable dvd player, iPad, or tablet  


  1. Pillow cases and blankets to make it feel more like home

  2. Personal toiletries

  3. Sound machine 

  4. Ear plugs 

  5. Sleeping mask 

  6. Flip flops or slippers

  7. Headphones

  8. Collapsable wagon to carry everything from check in to gate at airport

For Children 

  1. Small favorite toys 

  2. Sit n stroller/car seat combo

  3. Tiny camping style collapsable high chair

  4. Pack n play


  1. Microwave sanitizing bags for nebulizer parts and syringes

  2. Dish soap

  3. Bottle part washing container- some hotels like the Homewood Suites have a dishwasher 

  4. Blow up tub- for hotels only with a shower

  5. Small bottle blender for people with dysphasia

  6. Bottle drying rack- travel sized 


  1. Nebulizer and medical supplies 

  2. Portable o2 concentrator 

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