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Weill Cornell Medicine

NY Presbyterian 

New York, NY

For Adults Patients 

Weill Cornell Medicine 

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Complex Airway Disease Program

Cardiothoracic Surgery at

Weill Cornell Medical Center  

525 East 68th Street

Box 110
Suite M 404

New York, New York 10065

Phone Number 646-697-0014


Click here to learn more about the Complex Airway Disease Program

Click here to learn more about how Cornell treats TBM

Meet the TBM Team at Cornell: 

Click here to meet Dr. Eugene Shostak, interventional pulmonologist - he speaks English and Russian 

Click here to meet Dr. Oliver S. Chow, thoracic surgeon- he speaks English and Chinese (Cantonese)

Click here or the image below to read about a patient story: 

Click here or the image below to watch a video by Dr. Shostak: "Tracheobronchomalaia: an Under-Recognized Cause of Dyspnea and Cough

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