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Meet Brittany!

I was relatively healthy before my second pregnancy in 2020. During my pregnancy we dealt with what we thought was just really bad asthma. Things got significantly worse after I had my son. I was put on the ventilator last summer and it was then my local team wanted me to go to Mayo Clinic for more answers.

I went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and was diagnosed with TBM with over 90% collapse in my trachea and main stem bronchi at age 29! The doctor that cared for me at Mayo said I was the worst case he had seen in a long time. Less than 2 weeks after returned home I had a bad flare where I was intubated for 10 days and had my first tracheal stent placed. I had 3D printed stent placed about a month later to buy time to get healthy enough for surgery. I had a robotic tracheobronchoplasty January 2023. It has not been an easy road, but I am doing so much better than I was before diagnosis.

I am so grateful for the support cureTBM has given me as well as my outstanding team of doctors that care for me. My husband has also been a huge advocate and support for me through this journey. I get to be a mom to two sweet little boys and that’s all I could ever ask for!

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